Big Hole

So my lovely wife recently took me to the Grand Canyon to recouperate a little.

It was really awesome, and I highly recomend visiting if you ever get the chance.

But be warned, the hikes are pretty deadly this time of year. Even for those of us that mightconsider ourselves pretty fit. The rangers were telling us that this time of year they do 4-5 rescues a day! The altitude (7000 ft) coupled with the summer temperatures (100F at the rim, and 20 degrees warmer in the canyon), means that unless you are prepared and trained it is very easy to come a cropper. Take this ladies story: A woman who had placed 31 in the Boston marathon, died in the canyon in 2004 due to heat exhaustion and dehydration….

Anyway, here as some of the photos of my trip:

Me on the edge (Please note my LA Galaxy Beckham shirt – a rare number 7 version)

A cool rock thingy

More Canyon

Some critter being a poser

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