Arnie agrees San Joaquin Valley Air Board is doing a bad job

Our California Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger also agrees with me. In a statement released from his office on 6/22

“I was deeply disappointed, however, that the California Air Resources Board voted last week to seek an 11-year delay in enforcement of federal air quality standards in the San Joaquin Valley.  Regardless of whether the US EPA’s failure to grant California the authority to implement aggressive emissions standards is partly to blame for our inability to meet federal standards, the Air Board let the federal government off the hook by seeking delay.
“There are few environmental issues facing Californians that are more important to our children’s health, our quality of life, and our economic security than air quality.  When one out of six residents in the San Joaquin Valley has been diagnosed with asthma and one in five children carry an inhaler to school, it is a call to action.”

The call to action the board of directors, and the ACPO Seyed Sadredin feels is satisfactory, is to postpone clean air in the valley for 11 years. It amazes me that so many people think it is time for tough action (including Arnie), and yet the board feels its time to sink their collective heads in the sand, and pretend not to hear the voice of public opinion. There are a couple on the board that appear to hear the growing sound of public dissatisfaction, and that may be good news. If they all start feeling the pressure of public opinion then perhaps they will start acting in a responsible way.

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