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Valley Air District thinks they are doing a great job!

Remember my rants about the San Jouqain Valley Air Pollution Control District, and the Control Office Seyed Sadredin?

Well, now its time for the board of directors of the Air District. The board is made up by 8 County Supervisors and 3 City Council members. This means there is no environmental or health voices on a board of directors whose purpose is to represent those elements. Also, the valleys Cities are under represented.

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iPhone? No pressure

iPhone? No pressure:

AT&T adds 2,000 staff for iPhone launch. Apple Newton? Fogitaboutit! Risky new interface with glass face? No worries! $500 price point? Who cares? Getting in bed with a company like AT&T to dilute the customer experience? It’ll work! They’re going to fly off the shelves (we hope).


Google Unveils Hybrid Car That Plugs Straight Into Grid

Google Unveils Hybrid Car That Plugs Straight Into Grid:

Not content with seeking to control the information super-highway, Google wants to influence what kind of car you drive.

Google really is taking over the world.


So what happened to the geeky brit?

Now, you may have noticed that the RSS feed, and the website was not being updated since the middle of May. As I rarely look at the website (I use a blog editor), I had presumed everything was going ok.

Today, I checked my email junk folder, and found an email from Evan, in Kentucky (Cheers Evan), who asked if I had stopped blogging…

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