A little BBQ at my place

So my lovely wife and I had a few people round at the weekend for a friendly session of exhaustive beer drinking, mouth stuffing, and jaw wagging.

Fun was had by all, well, almost all. One of our guests decided to eat a Kebab* which was, well not cooked. This well beautiful educated, thirty something decided that all the food that was on the dining table was too well done for her. So she explored the uncooked meats on the side. Admittedly I perhaps should have covered them, but I had no idea that anybody with such sanguine tastes was attending. Either way, when I noticed, I quickly pointed out to her, and to all I could find, what a dumb thing it was to do. She appreciated me showing her where the cooked food was, which turned out to be hiding in plain site.

Way to go Alicia, you clever cat.

*which in my lovely wife’s world is called a Kebob – so wrong.

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  1. Dre Said,

    July 7, 2007 @ 4:43 pm


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