France votes in Conservative President

Nicolas Sarkozy
France has done something I didn’t think they would do. They voted in someone who thinks that working more than 35 hours a week is a good idea, and that the French are a little too “relaxed” (lazy) at the moment. This is the guy that might turn France’s shrinking economy around, and bring France and other parts of Europe back in the real world.

In a way I was actually supporting Segolene Royal, as her manifesto would have probably buried France into economical and historical insignificance. Being English, I enjoy what I shall we call a “healthy competition” with the French.

However, Nicolas Sarkozy was voted in and promises a lot of changes. I wish him luck. He faces an uphill cultural struggle, but I hope he can succeed, as France is where the UK and the US could be heading with an idling yet capable work force not outputting anywhere near the capacity it could. Perhaps we should all look to France now and learn from their mistakes.

A great country is built on the hard work and personal sacrifices of its people.

Although we say Conservative, we should not be expecting a French George W. Bush. Mr Sarkozy opposes the Iraq war, and is still fairly socially liberal (He is French). The right of Europe is about the center in the US. Rudy Giulliani and Arnie would make good right wing European Conservatives.

So Bonne Chance Msr Sarkozy!

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