Softening a geek’s water

You know, you would not think it would be a hard thing to do to choose a whole house water softener. Like any appliance research, google is your friend.

Or is it? I have been toying between a Whirpool WHES40, a Kenmoore model, and a Culligan Gold Series water softener. Unfortunatly reviews and comparisons are scarce on the internet, at least according to google. 🙁

I eventually opted for the Culligan as it had a much better warranty that all the others (10 years parts and labor vs 1 year parts), albeit being a couple of hundred dollars more – it did include some nice features, and looked a lot more sturdy and robust. But as I know, and my wife keeps telling me, looks are not everything. 🙁

I hope I have made the right decision. I will only know when it comes to making a warranty call.

However, my lovely wife and I are very much looking forward to soft water…

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  1. Steve Mitchell Said,

    April 6, 2007 @ 5:46 am

    Funny. I had the opposite experience. I was *removing* my old water softener that came with our 20 year old house. I gave it away to somebody, who asked if we had the manual. I looked on line and found a multitude of information about this particular unit. I was amazed at how much information one could get on an old, relatively obscure piece of equipment.

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