My last wish

The BBC are reporting that at long last Scotty is being sent into space. Actor James Doohan’s ashes are being sent up into space along with the cremated remains of 200 others.

I have long insisted to my wife that this is what I want to happen to me, when I croak. She has always nodded agreement, smiled gently, and assured me this is what will happen – although I know she has no intention of fulfilling this last wish of mine. I am “going out with the garbage just like the rest of his crap” I once heard her remark.

Well, my sweet, loving princess, as it turns out it only costs $500 to do this! So it may actually be the cheapest option for you.

Let this blog entry be my last will and testament. I wish my remains to be sent into space on top of a huge rocket so I will float for eternity in the vastness of space, or burn up in the atmosphere after a few hours – whichever comes first.

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