Teens get a sobering lesson

Here in my home town, teens were treated to a sobering lesson on the dangers of drink driving. Way to go CHP! (Thats something I don’t say often)

A big difference between the UK and the USA is that over here it is still socially acceptable to drive intoxicated. Yes, there are still those that do so in the UK, but there are always bad apples in every barrel. It is now part of the night out to prebook taxis, look at bus schedules etc. My experiences here are that people just wing it and postpone the decision until they are not in a state to make a good one.

And unfortunatly the huge majority of DUI’s are still underage kids. Somehow we need to get the message through to them – this seems to be a very effective method.

Hats off to those involved.

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  1. Max Said,

    April 10, 2007 @ 11:34 pm

    Back in Moscow the old joke was that every driver after midnight was drunk. They stopped on green and went on red, so therefore nobody got hurt. The grim reality was that most cars on Russian highways are not safe at any speed and when accidents, and they do, they are mostly lethal. The stupid thing here is that most of the time you have to DRIVE to the nearest pub because of the suburban sprawl. There almost no bus stops in suburbia so your choices boil down to taxi or the so called “designated driver”. I suppose one can always get drunk at home.

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