Software, Beer and Customer Service

Mr Software and Beer writes on his blog about Apple’s great level customer service – and adversely how customer service trends in general tend to be taking a downward spiral.

I am so with him on this. I come from a land where customer service synonyms include rude, disrespectful and lacking. I too really dislike the trend here in the USA to be less trusting. It goes against the technology curve, as I am very sure there are solutions out there that adequately replace the annoying “exit greeter” at BestBuy.

The last time I was at BestBuy I was served by a very pleasant young lady at the cash register. After paying I was gathering my things and she closed that register and proceeded to swap duties with the exit greeter / shop-lifter finder.
As I walked to the door she asked to see my receipt and check my bag… I was stunned, “But you just checked me out” I stammered, “Yes” came the reply “But this is our policy, sorry”.

A great example of policy overtaking common sense and common decency.

The next time I leave BestBuy I am walking past the exit greeters without stopping. Please send donations for bail money to PayPal

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  1. Steve Mitchell Said,

    March 10, 2007 @ 7:38 am

    I don’t know what crime one is committing if one is not stealing, yet refuses to engage the exit greeter. “Store policy” is not the law. However, there are laws about your rights as a consumer..

    The big difference between a Best Buy and the Apple store is the type of client they intend to serve. Apple wants you to feel respected, smart, and as if Apple is part of your life. They have high margins that allow them to pay for this–even if it means somebody walks out with some extra ear buds. Whereas Best Buy has very low margins and needs to squeeze every penny. They also have a different class of customer they’re trying to engage.

    My point is that when I have choices, I’m going to frequent the retailer that treats me with more respect. In the case of products like Apples–I might as well go to the Apple store. In the case of el-cheapo junk that I might get at Best Buy–I might as well buy it via Amazon–where I’m always treated with respect. 🙂

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