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Out of the blue

So, here I am sat on the bart on my way to see a high school friend I have not seen in 10 years.

I got a call on tuesday night from “Rees” saying he was in San Francisco. Although we have been keeping in touch (more so recently) it was a surprise to hear he was here in the USA.

After we left school, he signed up for the British army and has served all over, most recently in Afghanistan.So, first off hats off to him for his service.

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No more posts from England…

Sorry about the lack of posts whilst I have been away. I got wrapped up in visiting my folks back home, and forgot about my audience online. Rest assured the usual schedule will be resumed forthwith!


Off to jolly old England

So my wonderful employer is sending me home to attend the 2007 IFSEC Security show in Birmingham, England.
It is always fun to get on the road when you tend to stay tied to a desk night and day, as I tend to…