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Steve Jobs’ Obit get mistakenly published

Ooop, Steve ain’t dead yet, but Bloomberg published his obit. It seems in pursuit of the scoop, journalism stoops to new lows… Or it was a mistake.


Feigned impartiality…

Now, I know the US does not offer an impartial news channel. CNN leans left, Fox leans right – tho both deny it adamantly. Because of this I find myself reading and listening to a wide variety of sources for my news intake. However, I laughed today when I went to the CNN website to check the latest poll of polls that they do (Obama leads by 4 btw).

So on the main politics page, I find a nice large ad for Obama’s campaign. Now, I know that this is more to do with CNN’s advertising business unit than the political news desk, but I did think it rather broke any hint of impartiality the website is attempting to show.

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Half Blood Prince trailer…

Oooh I can’t wait… Thanks to Nick for this one.


Sunstar reader responds to my letter!

A reader of my local paper sent a reply to my letter to the editor. Kind a nice to have some vindication of my thoughts that Merced City Council (generally) is full of morons, who are just looking after their own and don’t give a rats ass about anybody else.