So who is the geeky brit?
Well my name is Stuart Rawling. I am a software engineer by day, and asleep by night. Which puts me up against half of geekdom who tend to want to operate 24/7, with the daylight hours being the least productive.

I am, as you may know, or have guessed British, and live in Merced, California, USA. I have been married to my beautifull wife for a few years now – you will have to ask her for an exact number (just kidding honey!).

I currently work at Pelco, where I am a Product Engineer (Which means I give birth to some new products every so often). I am surrounded by some great team members at Pelco, and love working for “Uncle Greg”. I work in the Endura Product line, and recently helped create the DVR5100 “Endura in a box”.

So you are a geek?
Well, my wife insists I am. I beg to differ, as I have met some very *unique* individuals in my time… But hey, I know she’s the boss 🙂 Yes, I do own every Star Wars movie, but I can’t quote them extensively. I do like playing computer games, but no where near as often as some people I know. I do love sports, and watch anything that is televised. So what am I saying? Well I think I am a normal guy. But my career choice puts me in a special catagory of man….

Anyway, as I have time I will expand this page.